Welcome to Xentric Solutions

Xentric Solutions offers high quality and efficient IT resource management for different businesses with various skills and expertise, like Service Desk Agents, Desk-Side Support, Server Engineer, Network Engineer, IT Security Consultant and etc. Benefit from our unique fulltime-equivalent(FTE) planning which includes back-fill resources catering for unforeseen circumstances to ensure no lapse in operation, and our customers will be able to focus on their core business activities. We strive to acquire talent and staffing to ensure demands are met in a timely and cost-effective manner.
We aim to enhance the competitiveness of your business with the various IT solutions offerings that are essential in this competitive business environment. Efficient and strategic planning of system integration through our technical expert, Xentric Solutions contributes to a leaner and efficient structure. We also provide extensive range of IT products and customizable solution, Xentric effectively implements a cost effective and comprehensive solution for you.
We are committed to ensure customer satisfaction by:
  • Consistently meeting or exceeding our customers’ expectations in our service delivery
  • Continuous improvement of our processes and systems
  • Training our staff with proper skills to provide the best possible service to our customers without compromising on quality
  • Given our experience and expertise in this industry, and commitment to deliver the best possible services to our customer